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Hi there, I'm Dawn, a Pittsburgh and Bucks County based wedding photographer. After ten years I'm still in love with all things wedding and know how to make a wedding day magical. I’m Type A as it gets, super weird, and a total dork who laughs, falls and trips her way through every session. But I use that to make you chill out, have fun, and ENJOY the heck out of hanging out with me and having your picture taken. I’m normally pretty humble, but I’m honestly freaking GREAT at my job. I’m a confetti tossing, awkward, fun, wedding obsessed, passionate boss lady. I am someone who is going to laugh, cry and joke with you. Then I'm going to turn around and charm your mom/grumpy grandpa/pushy aunt, sweet talk that church wedding coordinator, master your timeline and just generally be there for the two of you to make your wedding experience killer.

A client once called me her "photography unicorn" and really, that's the best thing anyone has ever said about me.

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