Top 6 Reasons To Have A Destination Wedding

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A destination wedding can involve just the two of you; a select handful of family and friends; or enough guests to constitute a week-long family (or friend) reunion.
Here are six justifications to Wed away from home:


1. Destination Weddings are Virtually Stress-Free

A state-side travel consultant, such as myself, can help with all of the travel related details for you and your guests; while an on-site wedding coordinator can recommend wedding packages that take care of all of the little details such as the ceremony, cake, photographer, and more!Choose from a preset wedding package, or create your own.

2. No Family Drama

The first day that begins the rest of your married life should truly be about the two of you and your desires. A destination wedding takes away the stress of planning for you and your families.

3. Destination Weddings are Cost Effective

Couples can wed at an all-inclusive resort for much less than they would spend on a large, traditional ceremony and reception.  Complimentary wedding packages are available, along with customizable packages that fit your budget.  Some resorts will even throw in a complimentary cocktail hour or welcome party based on the size of your group.

An added bonus.....a built in honeymoon!

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4. You Call the Shots

The ceremony and location will represent you individually and as a couple that may or may not incorporate family traditions depending upon your desires. Some resorts now have Catholic Chapels on property, as well as other religious ceremony options available.  Just tell us what your preference is, and we will find the perfect resort to fit your needs!

5. Perfect for Second Marriages

For those who have had the traditional wedding, destination weddings provide something different that is simpler and less expensive. For families with children, kid-friendly, all-inclusive resorts provide a chance for family bonding.

6. Once-in-a-Lifetime Reunion Opportunity

This is your chance to give your family and friends time to spend together while celebrating your special union in a fun, relaxing environment. Why cram your celebration into one day? You can throw the ultimate welcome party, a group catamaran tour, a beach bonfire, or a farewell brunch….the ideas are endless. Your guests will thank you for giving them the vacation of a lifetime! 

I Do bucks County, top 6 reasons to have a destination wedding.

I Do bucks County, top 6 reasons to have a destination wedding.

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