Hair Up Or Down- That Is The Question

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Perhaps one of the biggest battles a Bride has when it comes to deciding on her wedding hair style—“Should I go up, or down?”

There are an endless amount of beautiful options for both however it’s important to take a few elements into consideration. Besides the weather of course, your hair should be able to survive a full day of mingling, dancing, sweating, and photograph sessions.

Now, I know some of you may be a hair-down kind of gal, and others may be a get-it-all-off-my-face type of chick. The good news is that there are options for both, and even the in-between.

A few things that factor into your wedding hair decision is your dress style, the time of year your wedding is, the overall theme, along with of course, your comfort.

At the end of the day, the decision is left up to you, but perhaps we could shed some light and help you make a decision.

A few great pointers to consider wearing your hair down:

  • During the cooler months such as (late) September, October/November, and even April/May could be ideal!

  • When you know your hair holds a curl well

  • When you have long, full hair and are trying to achieve a full-voluminous look

  • When you have hair extensions you want to utilize (clip-ins or even something more ‘permanent’) side note: extension help keep curls intact

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A few great pointers to consider wearing your hair up:

  • When you have a dress that is very focused on the back details and you don’t want to take away from that

  • During the hottest months, such as July/August, as well as humid/rainy days

  • When you know your hair doesn’t hold a curl very well, and are looking for longevity

  • When you have heavy hair, that will essentially weigh the curls down

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Often times brides get caught up with what they think their hair “should” look like, so it’s more “bridal”.  Well, although we understand where you’d be coming from, here’s the thing—you will look like a bride, regardless. Between the white dress, veil, and accessories, it’s a total giveaway. The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable & beautiful – throughout the entire day.

Scheduling a trial is a must-have. It gives you the opportunity to consult and collaborate with the professionals you have chosen. If you are wearing a veil and/or any hair accessories, it is a great idea to bring them along to your trial – you’ll really get to see your vision come to life!

It also allows you to tweak and make any adjustments prior to the wedding so that you feel confident with your look, going into your wedding day. Often times it’s a good idea to have a “back-up” style. We especially love this idea because weather could be so unpredictable anymore. “Back-up” styles are particularly important during high-potential rainy and humid months.

Wearing your hair up tends to be the safer option. No worries about curls drooping, hair misplaced, dancing, and sweating. We understand that going all up may not be of interest to you; however there are many in-between options (thank you Pinterest!) that are beautiful and could still feel comfortable.

The best in-between option is a half-up, half-down style. This still allows for your hair to be down, while having it out of your face. The half-up, half-down style is one that is a popular option for the indecisive bride that still likes both a fully down look, or up-do.

Another great option is having your hair all pushed over to one side. This allows you to still visually see your hair when look at yourself straight on, but yet is off your neck, and tucked away.

Choosing the right style ultimately comes down to this – looking AND feeling like the best version of  YOU. You want to look back at your wedding photos 20 years from now and love you decision just as much as you did when you walked down that aisle.

Ariella Boczniewicz, Owner/Stylist at fresh breath of hair