DO YOU have an upcoming event you would like "i do" to post? fill out the form below and we will post your event to the events link on this website, instagram and facebook.


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When is the event?
Please make sure that you give us a minimum of two weeks before the event. However, 1 month is highly preferred so that your post is active longer before the event. This will give us enough time to obtain your event info and get the event posted!
*Must be held within the Bucks County or surrounding neighboring counties (Montgomery County + Philadelphia).
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In order to make the most of the post, we need to have a flyer or some sort of advertisement. Please confirm that you will email your file to "I Do" within 48 hours of submitting this request. Send to:
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We will add your event to our events page here on the website (minimum requirement is two weeks before the event). We will then make a post to Instagram and Facebook. 1 week before the event we will add the event to our "Story". Please note there is a $10.00 fee to post your event. We will send you a link to complete your purchase once we receive your post request.