Emma + Chris' Wedding at Silver Creek Country Club

From the photographer: This wedding was simple and sweet. The couple had basically grown up together, so their story traversed decades. Not many can say the same.

From the bride: I was about 11 or 12 years old when I saw Chris (also known as “Butch”). He was showing his horse in the barrel races, and I was done showing my horse so I could watch. He was very impressive to watch ride and many of the horse girls at the barn we both went to had crushes on, or dated, him at one point. I was always too shy and would just smile and say, “Hey,” when I got the chance. There was a definite noticeable attraction there (I would say on both sides) as the years went by. He went his way doing his own things and I went mine, always staying connected through the horse world. His step dad would keep me updated on him and he would tell Butch when he would come and shoe my horse (small world because his step dad is my blacksmith, and has been for years.) When my horse trainer would ask about whom I was dating I would always joke and say, “Oh, I am waiting for Butch.” For some reason I just knew that I would marry him. I know it sounds corny or cliché but it was true. We reconnected through MySpace, catching up to see how the other was doing, but both either dating other people or just doing our own thing.

It finally came to a point where we were both single and old enough to call this something real. Facebook was the thing now. A few months after I found out Butch was available I was not going to waste any more time, because like I said I just had this feeling that me and him were meant to be together. I messaged him a “Happy New Years, hope all is well!” What could it hurt reaching out? He either would not answer or we would talk. From that message on we did not go one day without talking, all day and night until we found time to hangout, go on dates, go on vacations, and ride horses together. It really was something that happened very easily and naturally. A year and a half later he proposed and we just got married in May! I honestly could not be happier about married life and it could not feel more right!

Our favorite details from this wedding are Emma’s bridesmaid’s dresses and her calla lily bouquet. The reception tables were dressed with copper chargers and beautiful dried florals at every place setting! One of the reasons why we were really drawn to this wedding. There were small elements throughout that made a statement in their wedding.


Photographer: Autumn Ember Photography | Venue: Silver Creek Country Club | Officiant + DJ: Lobie Entertainment

Heather DombrowskiComment