Sprigstory. The story of Studio Sprig.

Grow. Here at Studio Sprig on the grounds of Windy Hill, in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a super strong commitment to our environment and its preservation, propels us. That is why we do our very best, to source from our local consortium of sustainable, environmentally conscious flower growers, but to also grow & harvest as much as we can here on the "Hill". We always choose eco-friendly local, or domestic -when nature requires-, to take a stand against poor non-domestic labor practices and the extensive use of harmful chemicals, only used to keep your flowers alive on a long long journey. All this completely unnecessary when your beautiful flowers come from only a few miles away.The environment and our local Bucks County economy are Studio Sprig's first priority. In keeping with this mission, our Studio has created a consortium of local small-scale, sustainable flower growers. When seasons do not permit, we always still do our best to source regionally and if necessary, domestically, to bring you the freshest product we can find.

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